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Board Pic
Front Row (left to right):  Karen Porter, Anita L. Archie, Nancy Sewell, Margaret Mitchell Brown and Maranda Brown
Back Row:  Myron C. Gargis, Jamey Durham, Mary Ashcraft, Beth Chapman, James Slaughter and Clinton L. Johnson

District One Representative

Mr. Clinton L. Johnson

District Two Representative

Ms. Anita L. Archie, Board Chair

District Three Representative

Dr. Margaret Mitchell Brown

District Four Representative

Mr. Myron C. Gargis

District Five Representative

Senator Arthur Orr

District Six Representative

Ms. Beth Chapman

District Seven Representative

Ms. Nancy Sewell

Members At Large

Ms. Mary Ashcraft

Members At Large

Ms. Margaret Whatley


Superintendent, Alabama Department of Education

Dr. Tommy Bice


Department Representative - Ms. Karen Porter


Commissioner, Department of Human Resources

Commissioner Nancy Buckner


Department Representative - Dr. Maranda Brown


Commissioner, Department of Mental Health

Commissioner Jim Reddoch, JD


Department Representative - Mr. James Slaughter


State Health Officer, Department of Public Health

Dr. Don Williamson


Department Representative - Mr. Jamey Durham


Director, Department of Public Safety

Colonel John E. Richardson


Department Representative - Lt. Brent McElvaine




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