Alabama Department of
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama


Alabama Department of
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama



The Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention secures resources to fund evidence-based community programs committed to the prevention of child maltreatment. We advocate for children and the strengthening of families.

The Children's Trust Fund

The Alabama Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Act (ADCANP) was adopted by the Alabama Legislature in 1983 to address the state’s growing problem of child neglect and maltreatment. While several state agencies already existed to deal with different aspects of child abuse, none of these agencies specifically focused on solving the problem before it occurred. It was clear that Alabama needed to create a state agency with its own board, funding and staff to be dedicated solely to preventing child abuse. To address the problem at its origin, instead of merely addressing the symptoms of what could have been prevented, the Alabama Child Abuse Prevention Act established the Children’s Trust Fund.

These state dollars are intended to provide annual funding of community based prevention programs throughout the state as well as create a self-sustaining pool of funds to provide for funding these programs in the future. As Alabama’s ONLY state agency designated to prevent child abuse and neglect, it will be our goal to encourage and support each community in this state in their efforts to find new and effective solutions for preventing child abuse before it occurs, and ultimately strengthening Alabama families to prevent this tragedy in the future.

Our Staff

Sallye R. Longshore


Tracy Plummer

Deputy Director

Bailey McKell Waller

Program Manager

Emily Marsh

Public Affairs and Special Projects Manager

Valencia Bolton

Executive Assistant/Personnel Manager

Glenda Towns

Administrative Support Assistant II

Bailey McKell Waller

Program Manager

Mike Roberts

Human Services Program Specialist

Claire Stimpson

Human Services Program Specialist

Teresa Costanzo

Human Services Program Specialist

Gloria Hull

Human Services Program Specialist

Tammy Major

Human Services Program Specialist

Jori Jordan

Human Services Program Specialist

DeDe Inge

Human Services Program Specialist

Dawn Miller

Administrative Support Assistant III

Jo Ann Tanaka

Accounting Manager

Erin Cauthen

Senior Accountant

Board of Directors

The Honorable Terri Collins

District 5 Representative - Board Chair

Decatur, AL

Mr. Sam Covert

District 1 Representative

Mobile, AL

Mr. Gilbert Darrington

District 2 Representative

Montgomery, AL

Ann Lambert

District 3 Representative

Auburn, AL

Mrs. Judy Miller

District 4 Representative

Guntersville, AL

The Honorable Terri Collins

District 5 Representative - Board Chair

Decatur, AL

The Honorable Cam Ward

District 6 Representative

Alabaster, AL

Dr. Charles Nash

District 7 Representative

Tuscaloosa, AL

Ms. Priscilla Cleveland

At-Large Member

Sylacauga, AL

Ms. Betsy Echols

At Large Member

Montgomery, AL

Dr. Marilyn Lewis

Department of Education Representative
Board Member
Dr. Eric Mackey
Superintendent, Department of Education

Mr. Paul Butler

Department of Human Resources Representative
Board Member
Commissioner Nancy T. Buckner
Commissioner, Department of Human Resources

Mr. Jamey Durham

Department of Public Health Representative
Board Member
Dr. Scott Harris
Acting State Health Officer, Department of Public Health

Lt. Ronni Fetty

Department of Public Safety Representative
Board Member
Col. Charles Ward
Director, Department of Public Safety

Ms. Beverly Johnson

Department of Mental Health Representative
Board Member
Commissioner Lynn Beshear
Commissioner, Department of Mental Health